Day 1 – “The Project”


Welcome to my first ever blog post!
Today as part of my ‘better food decisions’ project, I thought I’d make banana pancakes.

I love food and I’ve always aspired to my Mother’s completely British and wonderful cooking. But recently, I’ve been more aware of what I eat and how it affects my body. I’m not inventing / creating any recipes, but rather finding them online and documenting my progress. I love photography and this helps me learn and better my skills behind the camera too. Today I made awesome banana and blueberry pancakes from the Deliciouslly Ella blog and they were amazing!

In case you weren’t sure, of you haven’t heard of Ella’s blog, it’s essentially a vegan (brilliant) website that I use probably on a daily basis. I thoroughly suggest making them yourself, so I’ve included the link to her recipe for you: (




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