Day 2 – Sunday and flowers at home

If you’ve had time to check out my ‘about‘ section, you’ll see that I’m a fan of photography. I try and take my camera everywhere because you never know when you see that moment that you just want to capture. Last weekend I was a bridesmaid for my Brother’s wedding and I still managed to take photos, despite being in the event. One of my favourites is when I was walking back to my room at the hotel and noticed the bride up ahead with her best friend. It was great lighting, a long corridor and the bride and chief bridesmaid at the end. They had no idea it was being taken and they were really surprised and pleased with the photo. Very satisfying.  I hope you don’t mind, but I’m not going to include it in this post as I am a firm believer in privacy and, like this blog is for me, that photo was for them.

Anyway, whilst I’m talking about photography, I’d like to share with you one of my favourite photographers: Dove Grey Photography. She has a great personal touch and captures those natural moments that I’m so fond of. And, the best thing is that she adds photography tips every Tuesday! So now we can try and take photos that are just as amazing as hers, hooray!

I’ve decided today that I will take pictures of some of the vegetation around my place using one of her tips. This is me making sure I take time to appreciate everything around me and who doesn’t like flowers? Okay, so if you don’t, that’s fine but seriously, nature produces some amazing colours and that fascinates me! Some of the photos I’ve included are tulips (inside) and then onions (the long green things), peppermint (the one with white edges) and then a top down view of the tomatoes that I’m growing in our ‘grow house’. Which, as you will see, are at the early stages of growth. My favourites are definitely the tulips and I’m clearly still learning how to master the camera! I hope that you enjoy the photographs and I’d really like to hear your thoughts on your photography or what you’ve done for you today 🙂 Happy Sunday!

Tulip close up

Inside the tulip

sunset tulips

Pretty tulips



Peppermint, tomatoes and onions

Onions in the making


Top down view of tomatoes




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