Day 3 – Sunshine and hummus.



Starting the day outside eating breakfast is one of my favourite things to do (it always makes me feel like I’m on holiday). Thankfully, I had some left over banana and blueberry pancakes (see ‘Day 1’ post) which I quickly threw together so I could enjoy the sunny morning outside. I really enjoyed my first challenge on Saturday, so I started to think ‘what should I make next?’. So, I decided that today was the day that I was going to make some home-made hummus (for the very first time). My boyfriend and I love the stuff, so it makes complete sense that I learn how to make it…

It was so easy. I’m not sure I will ever buy shop bought hummus ever again. I enjoyed making it (although I have made what was a ‘clean kitchen’ into something quite the opposite) so I’m sharing with you the photos. Just so that you can see how yummy it looks!

I’m off to eat it outside in the sunshine, enjoy your bank holiday Monday!



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