Skin care

Firstly, I know this blog is about my baking, or photography. But this post focusses on neither (sorry!) The reason being, I’ve been focussing on a part of me this week, my skincare, and I wanted to share this with you. So, here goes:

I haven’t said too much about ‘me’, not really. I’d done so for a reason, but I’ll let you into a little something about me…I’m actually 27 years old and I still suffer from ‘bad skin’… I take good care of myself, I eat well (taken to a new level recently, as you can see from my blog) and I exercise…. To sum this up, it’s annoying. It’s annoying because sometimes, you feel like you can’t leave the house and you don’t have the confidence you want to have to get on with life.

Now before you say anything,I do get it, the only person who’s really stopping me from going out or not having the confidence, is me. My friends don’t care / judge me for my ‘bad skin’. But I do. I judge myself. I give myself a really hard time about it. I’ve cried, I’ve not wanted to go into work and I’ve let it take over my life. There are plenty of bloggers out there who experience the same as me. I’m not trying to say that I’m the only one that feels like this, in fact, quite the opposite. It’s hard though, everything around us in our day to day life is telling us to be ‘perfect’. And, you know what? It’s impossible. Your version of perfect is different from my version of perfect and different to somebody else’s, so guess what? You’ll never ‘feel’ perfect or ‘be’ perfect. However, what you can do is make sure that you are the best possible, you. If you want to. And, only do it for you (would be my advice). For me, it’s about being comfortable in my own skin. My skin will never be ‘perfect’ and neither will I. But, I am determined to not let it take over my life.

I have tried everything to help my skin. From heavy medication -which made me feel sad, isolated, unable to move or walk without being in pain…but cleared it for up to 6 months afterwards. (Since then, I’ve been trying to claw back those days without going on this medication. It’s left me with especially sensitive skin that still breaks out. Why did I put myself through 6 months of agony??? It hasn’t helped in the long run and I’m still not sure what causes it.) To every ‘miracle’ cream you could probably consider.

At the moment, I use dermologica products which are great but still hasn’t resolved the whole issue. Due to the ‘heavy medication’ I used 3 years ago my skin is now  really sensitive. It means that most shop bought products are too harsh/heavy and that I still break out but it’s much much harder to ‘cure’.

So, on to the happier side of this post (hooray, you say!) I’ve recently been using coconut oil for quite literally, everything. I say ‘literally’ because, I use it in cooking as the oil base, I use it on my face as a moisturiser, eye make up remover, the ends of my hair to give them a bit of a sprucing and you know what? I don’t get why I haven’t heard about it sooner. I’d recommend checking out this website, this is the brand of coconut oil that I use.

It hasn’t resolved my ‘bad skin’, I’m still working on other areas for that. But this is one great addition to my bathroom and kitchen cupboard that I now can’t live without. It’s also helping with the scaring on my face and to be honest, it’s just helping me feel better about things. I know that it’s 100% natural, it doesn’t react with my skin and it makes me feel comfortable (as well as smelling super nice). What more could I ask for? So my regime is a dermolgica precleanse and cleanser and then topped off with deliciously smelling coconut oil as a moisturiser.

Let me know if you’ve used coconut oil for beauty or if you’re an adult still suffering with ‘bad skin’ and fed up of hearing ‘you’ll grow out of it’…But for me, yoga, healthy food and coconut oil seem to be making me feel happier…and or at least smelling coconutty!!

Enjoy your Sunday 🙂 xx



  1. That’s the great thing about blogging, you make the rules! I love using coconut oil too, especially on my hair. It makes the best natural deep conditioner. I’ve learned to use it very sparingly though!

      • No, I massage it all the way from scalp to ends, and brush it through as well to make sure it’s completely distributed. The main thing is not to use too much – only 1 tablespoon for short-medium length hair, 2 for long hair. You might need to shampoo an extra time to get it all out, that’s all. Works for me!

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