So, I’m getting a little slack…

I have to say, after being back in work for nearly 2 weeks. I’ve already forgotten to have my me time…. I haven’t posted on here much and I really haven’t taken any pictures. Although one thing that is continually on my mind at the moment is ‘skin’…

So, I’m currently still in work, having a late night catching up with some work and I thought I’d listening to the below video whilst finishing off some of the stats I was putting together for work. Learn whilst working, of course!

It’s an interesting video that gives you a bit of insight and some advice from a nutritionist… It’s nothing new to me as I’ve read a lot of blogs recently, but I like that it’s all in one lovely video. (I’ve already emailed a friend and shared it with her to hear her feedback!)

I was also having an intersting chat with someone in work who agreed that in order to solve the problems on the outside, you need to look within. So perhaps nutrition advice is the way forward?

Interesting thought for me tonight… I’m off home to go and lay on the sofa and mull over what should have been a pilates session tonight.
Have a nice evening and I look forward to hearing any nutrition advice you have to offer šŸ™‚


Skincare disaster…on holiday.

It’s been a while, huh? I’m sorry… I’m not sorry. I vacated (YIPEE)!

I’ve been on holiday and took an absence from blogging for a while. I had really enjoyed starting up my new blog, but I let life get in the way (by which I mean chores, work, you know, the things you have to do but don’t want to, not really….) and then I left the country for warmer climates. I went to Spain, which was amazing. But it didn’t come without a few tears… I’ll tell you about that:

Firstly, I’ll start by saying that I really do need to make more time for blogging. I love it. Secondly, I loved my holiday but my skin got in the way…

I have always had ‘bad skin’ ever since I was about 17 or so and EVERYTIME I fly, my skin gets worse. I just can’t seem to get it right.
So, the Monday morning before I flew, I took a big bottle of green juice with me to the airport, had loads of water, ate a veggie burger before the flight (it got delayed 4.5 hours… yikes!) and more water. In my head, I’d done everything I needed to do in order to stay hydrated. I’m still not sure what I’ve done wrong. Maybe you have advice for me on this one??

At the time, before we boarded I felt really good with my approach. I was confident that was going to go well.

Well, we landed, got to our apartment, I looked in the mirror and I was horrified. Where did this…when did this…WHAT?!
Yep, my entire forehead had broken out. THEN I was allergic to the suncream. Total skincare disaster. So, by Monday evening I was a mess and we’d only just arrived. My confidence was hit… I was planning on wearing zero make up on holiday…urgh!
So what did I do? Firstly, although I’m trying to be hollistic in my approach to skincare I haven’t yet found everything I need (I have another blog about that coming up soon…) So I’d taken some dermalogica samples with me and I think they actually saved the day.

Instead of suncream on my face, I used Dermalogica skin tint with SPF 30. Who wants to burn anyway?? And at nightime I used their clearing gel. They really helped me out when I was in need. And my skin did start to clear up (I even got some kind of a tan, miracle). But I still haven’t quite got my skin back to normal (sigh).

Secondly, and aside from products, I found it really hard to maintain an entirely healthy eating whilst I was out there.Ā  But, I tried. My amazing boyfriend (he puts up with everything!) walked for miles with me until we found a supermarket. We didn’t rent a car as our intentions were to stay by the beach, read and listen to music. Which we did šŸ™‚ … anyway, where was I.. right, supermarket..

We stocked up with….

Breakfast everyday:
A massive water melon
green tea with mint

….whilst sitting on our terrace looking out at the sea, listening to music. It was absolute bliss.

Chocolate (holiday, totally necessary….)

Lunch or Dinner we ate out but rarely both.
Eitherway it was packed with Salmon, prawns or muscles.
But we bought some ‘sin gluten’ pasta which I was really happy to find.

We carried all of this back to our apartment and I felt better knowing that I had some good food to munch on.

IĀ  really love Spanish food, so when we ate out it was so exciting and yummy. I tended to forget about my skin, because I’m lucky enough to have a boyfriend tell me how beautiful I am regardless. That usually makes me feel so much better.
….but seriously, Spain, when will they learn that you don’t cook everything in oil?? Even my ‘green’s were cooked in oil. Not even steamed. But they were yummy and I did enjoy them…guilty!

Anyway, now I’m back and you know where I’ve been. You know that I had a lovely holiday but that I also had to deal with my skin and cried. I’m not alone in that, I know. Do you have any suggestions, thoughts or comments? Let me know, I’d love to find out more about your trials or even connect to share the pain of this darn thing we call ‘bad skin’.

But I do hope that I can find out what causes it soon, I’m turning 28 in a couple of months. All I want for my birthday is not to worry about my skin….. Until another day šŸ™‚