So, I’m getting a little slack…

I have to say, after being back in work for nearly 2 weeks. I’ve already forgotten to have my me time…. I haven’t posted on here much and I really haven’t taken any pictures. Although one thing that is continually on my mind at the moment is ‘skin’…

So, I’m currently still in work, having a late night catching up with some work and I thought I’d listening to the below video whilst finishing off some of the stats I was putting together for work. Learn whilst working, of course!

It’s an interesting video that gives you a bit of insight and some advice from a nutritionist… It’s nothing new to me as I’ve read a lot of blogs recently, but I like that it’s all in one lovely video. (I’ve already emailed a friend and shared it with her to hear her feedback!)

I was also having an intersting chat with someone in work who agreed that in order to solve the problems on the outside, you need to look within. So perhaps nutrition advice is the way forward?

Interesting thought for me tonight… I’m off home to go and lay on the sofa and mull over what should have been a pilates session tonight.
Have a nice evening and I look forward to hearing any nutrition advice you have to offer 🙂


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