2015 – where to start…?

Take a deep breath, I told myself, it’s a brand new year, the world doesn’t need to change…Or does it?
I mean, 2014 saw a lot of change for me, some bad, some good. Firstly, I was challenged with losing my amazing dog of 13.5 years very early on in the year. He was my childhood pet, who had been there through so much with me. This was devastating. But on the other hand my Brother married and we welcomed the loveliest of people into our family – such a great day! I also gave up gluten and dairy in 2014 (bye bye cheese…sob) because they had such a bad effect on me (skin, migraines, tiredness!)Giving this up has made me a better person because now I can function, hooray! But all of these things meant that my world did change. My family also spend Christmas in completely different continents for the first time EVER. What a change…

With so much change for me in 2014 the long break that I saw at the end of the year in the sunshine over the Christmas period and 2 weeks into 2015, with lots of G&T and BBQ’s (the dream?)felt like it was much needed. Anyway, with 3 weeks of doing nothing, my little brain started thinking “why do I burn myself out for the things that I don’t like doing”? We all have them, (don’t we?) those things that we don’t like doing (* okay, there are some things we HAVE to do, like putting loads of washing on, that I can’t escape just yet…) BUT it is important to identify the things in life that don’t make you happy. I have mine, I’m still in the process of working out how to fix that, but at least it’s been identified and I’ve shared it with my loved ones. They’ll help me work it out. For me, I found that giving my brain space on my 3 weeks away, led me to work out what I really wasn’t too happy with.

It’s funny really, the mind and body… sometimes they give us signs but we’re so busy getting on with life we just ignore them. For me, it was totally clear when I came back to my every day life after 3 weeks of sunshine, and I just felt so sick, so drained! I realised, my body was agreeing with me and I realised that I’ve made a good decision with the change that I need to make. Now I have to work out how. That’s the hardest part, right?

2015 for me is about making the change and getting rid of ‘that thing’ that makes me unhappy. What are you doing for 2015?

Right, it’s time for some freshly baked banana bread (GF and DR free) and mint tea 🙂 O.N xx


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