Gluten and Dairy free | Birthday’s

So my Birthday is in just over a week and I have a great challenge on my hands: How to cater for lots of people with party food that’s gluten and dairy free (and so that they don’t notice, either!)?? I’m sure I’m not the only one that has these types of issues on their hands so perhaps I can lean on the online world for some advice? Because, I think I need it.

I mean, it’s one thing to organise a normal birthday party, let alone for someone who can’t eat gluten or dairy! I’ve done some research using my two go-to bloggers. Deliciously Ella and Honestly Healthy. So far, these are the ideas that I’ve come across. Let me know your thoughts on the below, I’d love to hear your ideas and suggestions 🙂

Picky food

Roasted red pepper and paprika hummus
 Recipe from Deliciously Ella. I’ve made this before, and it was quick, easy and super tasty
Carrot sticks
Cucumber sticks
Either Avocado Cream or guacomole. The avocado cream is from Deliciously Ella as well. I love avocado, and a good dip is what every party needs.
Veggie crisps
Puy lentil, brown rice and sweet potato salad (from Honestly Healthy Living for Life (pg. 70)
Raw green curry with courgette ‘noodles’ (From HH as well, pg. 74)
Cauliflower pizza  (from DE)

Birthday cake is somewhat undecided, but perhaps this Orange and Almond chocolate cake from Honestly Healthy would be ideal! (video below)


Other than these, I’m not entirely sure…. I need to make quite a bit in advance, and enough. This could be a busy run up to my birthday.
Next on the list is to look at non-alcoholic cocktails too. Yum!

O.N xxx


My Store Cupboard

As I’ve recently mentioned. I’m now gluten and Dairy free. So I thought I would write about some of the alternatives I use.
I’ve listed below everything you can get from your everyday supermarket.

Almond Milk –
currently alpro, although looking to make my own soon. Anything without additives is much better! (Sainsbury’s and Waitrose)
Almond butter
a super delicious protein fuelled super spread. (Sainsbury’s and Waitrose)
Genius – this brand is great, tastes like normal bread, and great with the aforementioned almond butter…mmm. (Sainsbury’s and Waitrose)
most supermarkets now, hooray!
Co Yo
coconut yohurt, texture is like greek yoghurt…but slightly coconutty. I have the original, but you can get vanilla or chocolate flavour too I think. So far, only Waitrose supermarket sell this. But wholefoods store also sell this.
Gluten free pasta
If you like pasta, it’s a good alternative (Sainsbury’s)
Coconut oil
To cook with, or use as a moisturiser… I do both. (Currently, I’ve only seen this in wholefoods stores. I’m sure the supermarkets will cotton on soon)
Tahini (Cost cutter)

I’ve found that gluten and dairy free is pretty easy so long as you find recipes in advance.
Typically, breakfast is Coyo with berries, almonds and chia seeds. Lunch is a quinoa salad (if you can’t make it, pret sell pretty good dairy and gluten free salads). Dinner Salmon with sweet potato fries and salad.

Don’t forget to treat yourself. Wholefoods sell chocolate which is dairy free. It’s raw and it’s amazing. Treat yourself.

I’ll add to this at a later date I’m sure.
Have a nice evening.

O.N xx

Day 4 – Crackers

Wow. I can honestly say that I can’t wait for yoga tomorrow. The day after a bank holiday in work is always a bit of a rush. You never quite get an extra day off do you? It’s more ‘squish 4 days of work into 5’ or having to work at the weekend. I’m sure I’m not the only one that feels this way…am I? Anyway, after today I’m very much looking forward to yoga tomorrow. I’m already curious to see what pose she teaches us. ‘Crow’ is one where I always think “this is it, this is when I will publicly fall on my face”… It’s yet to happen, haunting me in the back of my mind, every yoga lesson. But still, I love it.

To continue my ‘healthier’ food choices. I’ve made some ‘healthy’ crackers. They are so delicious, it’s unreal (I see why Ella decided to call her blog ‘Deliciouslly Ella’). Seriously, how have these never crossed my path until now? They will go perfectly with the hummus I made yesterday. I’ll make a proper note in a few days time, but even after cutting out gluten and dairy for just a few days, I can already say that I have so much more energy. I’m positive about the changes that I’ve made so far. Have you tried any gluten/dairy free recipes? If so, let me know. I’m doing this mainly to make myself feel less sluggish… but I’m also hopeful it will help my skin. 27 and I still have bad skin? Such a pain. Come on amazing food, give me the answers I’m hoping for 🙂 Happy Tuesday!

Vegan_homegrown_project-3-4 Vegan_homegrown_project-4-4 Vegan_homegrown_project-8-2


Day 3 – Sunshine and hummus.



Starting the day outside eating breakfast is one of my favourite things to do (it always makes me feel like I’m on holiday). Thankfully, I had some left over banana and blueberry pancakes (see ‘Day 1’ post) which I quickly threw together so I could enjoy the sunny morning outside. I really enjoyed my first challenge on Saturday, so I started to think ‘what should I make next?’. So, I decided that today was the day that I was going to make some home-made hummus (for the very first time). My boyfriend and I love the stuff, so it makes complete sense that I learn how to make it…

It was so easy. I’m not sure I will ever buy shop bought hummus ever again. I enjoyed making it (although I have made what was a ‘clean kitchen’ into something quite the opposite) so I’m sharing with you the photos. Just so that you can see how yummy it looks!

I’m off to eat it outside in the sunshine, enjoy your bank holiday Monday!



Day 1 – “The Project”


Welcome to my first ever blog post!
Today as part of my ‘better food decisions’ project, I thought I’d make banana pancakes.

I love food and I’ve always aspired to my Mother’s completely British and wonderful cooking. But recently, I’ve been more aware of what I eat and how it affects my body. I’m not inventing / creating any recipes, but rather finding them online and documenting my progress. I love photography and this helps me learn and better my skills behind the camera too. Today I made awesome banana and blueberry pancakes from the Deliciouslly Ella blog and they were amazing!

In case you weren’t sure, of you haven’t heard of Ella’s blog, it’s essentially a vegan (brilliant) website that I use probably on a daily basis. I thoroughly suggest making them yourself, so I’ve included the link to her recipe for you: (