My Store Cupboard

As I’ve recently mentioned. I’m now gluten and Dairy free. So I thought I would write about some of the alternatives I use.
I’ve listed below everything you can get from your everyday supermarket.

Almond Milk –
currently alpro, although looking to make my own soon. Anything without additives is much better! (Sainsbury’s and Waitrose)
Almond butter
a super delicious protein fuelled super spread. (Sainsbury’s and Waitrose)
Genius – this brand is great, tastes like normal bread, and great with the aforementioned almond butter…mmm. (Sainsbury’s and Waitrose)
most supermarkets now, hooray!
Co Yo
coconut yohurt, texture is like greek yoghurt…but slightly coconutty. I have the original, but you can get vanilla or chocolate flavour too I think. So far, only Waitrose supermarket sell this. But wholefoods store also sell this.
Gluten free pasta
If you like pasta, it’s a good alternative (Sainsbury’s)
Coconut oil
To cook with, or use as a moisturiser… I do both. (Currently, I’ve only seen this in wholefoods stores. I’m sure the supermarkets will cotton on soon)
Tahini (Cost cutter)

I’ve found that gluten and dairy free is pretty easy so long as you find recipes in advance.
Typically, breakfast is Coyo with berries, almonds and chia seeds. Lunch is a quinoa salad (if you can’t make it, pret sell pretty good dairy and gluten free salads). Dinner Salmon with sweet potato fries and salad.

Don’t forget to treat yourself. Wholefoods sell chocolate which is dairy free. It’s raw and it’s amazing. Treat yourself.

I’ll add to this at a later date I’m sure.
Have a nice evening.

O.N xx


Skin care – Liz Earle

If you’ve read my posts before, then you know that I’m nearly 28 and still battling with ‘bad skin’.
I have pretty much exhausted all routes…. Until now. I think I’ve found my holy grail (YES!!) And here’s what I’ve done…

To give you a bit of background,I was pretty happy with my dermalogica collection, coconut oil and honey….then I realised my skin was getting worse all over again.  I was getting frustrated and I still couldn’t understand why this is still happening?

A really good friend of mine happened to call and I share pretty much everything with her. I told her as she had also been using dermalogica (although her skin is pretty awesome, I would definitely trade…) and she was noticing that dermalogic wasn’t working for her  any more. So she’d made a switch to a new brand…

I stopped, I looked in the mirror and I thought… I need to find some answers for me.
The next day I went to see a nutritionist. Now, I eat pretty healthily and follow most of the big healthy bloggers out there so I was going for confirmation that what I was doing was right and also to scream HELLPPPP… Anyway, after a complex questionnaire I saw the nutritionist who said ‘give up gluten and dairy’. So I did. as of that night.

I skipped (actually I dragged myself, I had all my work bags and it was already 7pm) to Planet Organic and stocked up on healthy food.
The challenge was that I was meeting up with my family on Saturday for Brunch in one of my favourite places, Bills. I quickly worked out they had an awesome veggie breakfast that I could eat (gluten free bread, no dairy etc. soy coffee….) and my family were accepting of my extreme changes.
Whilst at brunch, one of our family friends said that she also used Liz Earle.

I thought, can it really be a coincidence that I’ve heard of this brand twice in 4 days when I’d never heard of it before?? I headed to the shops and purchased a small pot of the Liz Earle hot wash cleanse.


After a week, those horrid lumps and bumps that appear on your face that hurt sooo much. Gone.
My new skincare routine was lovely. It smells great. It doesn’t irritate my skin (Something I’ve learned recently is that parabens have a serious impact on my skin too..  high street shampoo? Forget it…) and best of all, Liz Earle is No fuss! It takes a few minutes and I’m ready to go for the day / bedtime.

4 out of 5 people that I know who have tried Liz Earle have stuck with it. The 1 who hasn’t is because sadly, she is allergic to quite a lot of things. I would highly recommend using Liz Earle, but before you do, here is a list of the ingredients, because if you have sensitive skin or allergies, it’s worth checking before investing.

If you haven’t tried cutting out gluten and dairy (I hadn’t tried the dairy previously) try it. I’ll blog later about some of my store cupboard to help out; but also take a look at Liz Earle.

skincare Liz Earle

Liz Earle, skincare routine


Happy Tuesday! 🙂

O.N xx